World of Goo — Probably the most Interesting Game I Played in Years

They are sticky, they are slimy… some say they are even cute… it’s GOO for many of us. เกมน่าเล่น Like I stated this is the review for one of the most interesting, captivating and enslaving games I played in years. It’s World of Goo. It looks like you don’t need enourmous amount of dollars to create a great game and a good idea sometimes will do. If in this period when Far Cry 2, Aftereffects 3 or Red Alert 3 are out I play World of Goo… well… it says enough. This game has all the elements to be great. It’s fun, witch is essential for a game and it’s really competitive. This two elements have reached the basics of all good games and I don’t mean only video games,. It’s a general rule from board games to sports and World of Goo has them both… that’s why it is so awesome.

It basically is a challenge game based on physics. You start with a certain number of goo golf balls with witch you have too build a structure, like a system or a bridge to reach your goal. This goal is a little strange, you have to take the remainder goo globes to the water line… it seems that a goo is fulfilled when it reaches this water line. This is kind of the story of the game, the journey of Goo around the world, from water line to the other. This journey is split in 4 chapters and the epilogue, divided in twenty four levels. All the extra goo golf balls that you take to the destination are delivered to World of Goo Corporation, which is kind of the multiplayer of the game. It is a place where the players meet over the internet and have to build the biggest system with their extra goo. The players are represented by confuses with their name, nationality and system height. In the right top corner is displayed the place which you are in real time. This is the competitive the main game. Now for the fun part. “As the sun’s rays set during the last of the inclines, one of the Goo Golf balls appeared to say that life sure seemed like a giant physics simulation, but as he chop down into the spiky death compare below, he knew it probably didn’t matter — love the Sign Electrician inch. This Sign Electrician is a real funny guy. He leaves signs all over the levels with funny and useful… signs.

The game has a cartoonish try looking in a Doctor. Seuss-like art style but dark. The soundtrack is real good and with the looks make a comfortable, unique, atmosphere. As you advance through the levels they become more and more challenging. At first you may think that the game is to easy but as you advance you’ll see that you have to use the human brain. The best part is that every level has its distinc personality and you do not get bored. For example in one level you have to rescue the goo from a stomach and help them fly away to another location island… or chapter. The handful of different goo types help too. There are the basic black goo that when you use them, they stick in place, the green goo that you can move after the original placement and can rearenge the structures build with this kind of goo, the yellow ones that stick on every surface, red goo that is flammable or the goo bombs. From the simple idea to lead a bunch of goo golf balls from point A to the water line over a dangerous surfaces second Boy managed to manufacture a superb game that we recommend to anyone. Yet another thing… don’t forget about the gravity. I’ll give it 9 out of 10.

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