Japan Travel Destination — Miyajima

Miyajima is a small island in The japanese, situated at a short ferry ride from Hiroshima. It is just like the place you would imagine in your head as the perfect destination. ที่เที่ยวสุดฮิตประเทศญี่ปุ่น ห้ามพลาดถ้าคุณจะไป It is one of the three popular places in The japanese which are recognized for exotic scenic beauty and calm surroundings.

Miyajima consists of hills that hold spectacular views and adventurous nature paths, and is encased by deep blue seas. The island has always been known for its desire towards history, culture and tradition, as evident through the multiple wats or temples and shrines softly hidden away in the hills. A little part of advice: You don’t have to take the rope-way up. If you are on a tight budget and have the willpower, a long rise would be much cheaper along with perhaps even more relaxing. Another option would be to take the cable car up and rise your way down again.

If your The japanese travel takes you to the Miyajima Island it is sure to give you a exciting experience that you are going to enjoy for the whole of your life. As the ferry ride takes you to the island, you will be welcome by a huge gate of the Itsukushima shrine. It is of bright vermilion color and stands around 2 hundred meters away from the shrine. This gate stands in the sea waters and is known by the name of O-Torii. This shrine has very beautiful green surroundings. It also displays the exquisite beauty of the Shiden buildings in its unique and magnificent structure.

To the excitement of the tourists they are welcome by wild deer which keeps walking around freely in the island. These deer walk around with the tourists and accept any part of food told her i would them. Careful, as they are known to grab things from peoples’ pockets, even paper.

Another very exceptional feature that you will find on the Miyajima Island is the Momijinda Park situated at the foot of Mount Misen. This park is a perfect picture to see. It is just like those fall time forested acres that you can imagine, full of scarlet maple that produce path for cherry plants during the spring time.

One very important thing that should not be missed while on the trip to the Miyajima Island is the local food. Around the part of the main entrance to the island you will find several small streets filled with endless food stalls. Since these aren’t sit-down restaurants, you can pick and taste numerous dishes and snacks very cheaply while you walk downtown. Some of the local foods add the Momiji manju, special assorted puddings that are formed like the maple leaf and come with different types of fillings, melted oysters (probably most famous and must be tried), and several other styles of puddings.

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